Casrem was established in 1980 with the aim of designing and building equipment for the paper industry. The company grew rapidly thanks to a highly significant innovation, that users were able to see and appreciate for the first time: the mechanical chuck.
In these twenty years of activity, we have always improved the product’s guidelines, looking to fully satisfy all clients. Our current objective is to remain among the sector’s leading companies, by designing and building new products and equipment.
Safeblock is a Casrem registered mark.

Casrem can supply a complete range of products - a similar range would be difficult to find on today’s market. It includes: classic mechanical chucks, supplied in standard configuration or customised, new concept pneumatic chucks, expanding shafts, paper rewinders and the brand new pneumatic roll pusher.
A catalogue isn’t big enough to illustrate the hundreds of versions we have designed and built, but we’d be glad to give you any further technical information you may require. Casrem quality is a deep-rooted concept,typical of people who day by day see the different parts transformed from rough pieces into a finished appliance.We carry out and control all machining in-house, constantly measuring the results. Our products are subjected to treatments that are not always met with on other products in the sector. No details are overlooked,ensuring functionality and long life.
We ensure that, at both the design and construction stages, our products conform to current Italian ministerial decrees and Uni reference standards: this means total guarantee for those using our products.